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Ginger Peach - Parian and Andréa

Ginger Peach Co-Owners and BFFs
Parian Snell (she/her) & Andréa Senegal (she/her)

We are Ginger Peach (Est. 2011), two easy-going friends with artistic vision to create fun custom designs, original photography, and provide the perfect décor and planning to make your event a beautiful (and affordable!) success.


We (Parian and Andréa) have been friends since our freshman year of high school. We love browsing for treasures at antique stores and garage sales. We like our coffee strong and our gummy bears soft and fruity. When we’re not busy dreaming up centerpieces for a wedding and testing out new photo techniques, we enjoy dancing(expertly, of course) to our favorite hits from the 80s and tackling ambitious projects like baking French macarons.


We believe in honest pricing for everything we offer; from design work and photography, to wedding planning and décor (no inflated price tags here!) We pride ourselves on excellent customer service inspired by the Golden Rule. We really truly love what we do, and we're excited to share our passions with you.

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